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How Do Crane Accidents Happen?

A crane is an integral part of many construction sites. As Los Angelenos, we often see a crane or two dotting the city skyline.

Despite their prevalence, cranes are still prone to issues. Any issue with a crane may lead to a catastrophic accident -- both for the crane operator and for anyone nearby.

Below, we discuss how crane accidents happen and what manufacturers and construction companies can do to prevent them.

What Makes a Crane Defective?

A crane is a product, like anything else. As such, it’s vital that this product be designed, manufactured, and marketed safely. There are several defects that may be present in a crane, including the following:

  • Defective wire ropes. This is one of the most common issues with an overhead crane. This defect may occur when the wire rope jumps out of the reeving system, the rope is too weak to support the internal and external systems of the crane, the ropes are broken or corroded, and more.
  • Alignment issues. It’s vital for a crane to be aligned properly. Any defect in the crane’s alignment can make it more susceptible to tipping over or collapsing.
  • Electrical problems. Cranes make use of electrical components for their operation. Fuses that are inherently defective may result in loss of control of the crane and a subsequent accident.

Other Issues Involving Cranes

Crane accidents don’t always happen due to inherent defects. Sometimes, a crane accident can occur due to an employer’s failure to maintain the crane or train workers in the crane’s use properly. In this case, the manager of the job site may be held liable for any injuries resulting from the crane accident.

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