Crane Accidents

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Injured in a Crane Accident?

Los Angeles Harbor Machinery Accident Attorney

A crane is a dangerous piece of equipment. It can crash through its base or drop its load. Needless to say if you are anywhere near such an accident, you will be shaken up if not injured. Where injury occurs, the company operating the crane or the crane's manufacturer may be liable for damages.

Heavy equipment accidents such as this can be complex as far as establishing the cause of the accident and who the proper defendants are. You are urged to contact an industrial machinery accident lawyer in Los Angeles to seek compensation for injuries.

Crane Accidents

Examination by a technical expert will reveal whether the crane was designed or built wrong. The accident may also be caused by operator error. In this case the manufacturer may be liable for a failure to warn the operator of the dangers.

The employer may be liable as well for failure to train the operator properly. Common crane operator errors are:

  • Pulling from the side: Cranes are designed to pull up and down, not from the side over in the next bay.
  • Overloading: The crane is set up to only take the weight the crane can lift. Some operators then figure that if the crane will lift it, it is OK. But that does not take into account whether the floor the crane is sitting on can take the weight or whether the hoist can stand the weight. As a result, the crane may fall through the floor or if the hoist breaks, drop the weight.
  • Pulling to the top: There is an upper limit switch to prevent the hook assembly from hitting the drum but what if the switch fails to work? The hook may hit the drum and drop the load.

Enlist in a Professional Advocate

Attorney David Shoop represents clients in the Los Angeles area injured in crane accidents. He investigates the accident to determine the cause of the accident and parties who may be held responsible. He then vigorously prosecutes a claim for full damages including medical expenses, loss of income and pain and suffering. Where a victim has died in a crane accident, he maintains a claim for wrongful death on behalf of the family.

We are unwavering in our support and determination in crane accident injury cases. Contact Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation today for confident and experienced representation for your injury claim.

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