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There are few injuries that cannot be treated by modern medicine, but spinal cord damage is sadly one of them. Like our brain tissue, many of the cells and nerves in your spinal cord cannot be healed if they are destroyed. One hard impact or puncture can impair the paths that carry sensations and commands between your brain and the rest of your body. The symptoms can be devastating for the victim and their family. They will likely change their entire life.

If you have been injured in this way, it’s essential you reach out to our team at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation for a free consultation. Spinal cord injuries bring a host of expenses, not limited to medical bills for current and future treatments. As an injury victim, you will also face many mental and emotional challenges as you adjust to the many changes this kind of disability will require.

None of this is easy, and you should not have to bear the burden alone. If a negligent person or company brought on the accident that resulted in your injury, you have the right to ask for compensation for your damages. Our team can help you maximize your claim when you are ready to get started.

Call Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation at (866) 884-1717 to schedule a free consultation. Our Los Angeles-based attorneys have served clients nationwide.

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When Negligence Leads to Spinal Cord Injuries

Even a seemingly “minor” accident can result in severe harm. Something like a slip-and-fall can lead to fractures, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury. We’ve also helped clients challenge negligent parties behind serious:

These claims are not always easy to make, especially if you’re recovering from your injury. However, with our team on your side, you will not have any hard work or stress added to your plate. Our professional team will do whatever it takes to advocate for you. Protecting your right to compensation is an important part of recovery, but you should not have to sacrifice your rest and healing in pursuit of justice.

Permanent Disabilities Caused by Spinal Cord Injuries

Having time for your body to heal is important when it comes to spinal cord injuries, which may not always be as bad as they appear at first. When the spinal cord is hurt, the initial reaction to the damage can kill nearby cells and disrupt the communicative function of the nerves affected. However, as soon as 24 hours after the injury, patients may begin to experience some recovery of capabilities. Like your brain, your spinal cord has enough plasticity that neurons can (to a certain extent) rewire themselves. Patients may experience bouts of “spontaneous recovery” for years after an injury.

  • Types of Spinal Cord Damage

    That’s the good news—but the bad news is, it’s highly unlikely anyone who survives a spinal cord injury will not experience long-term impacts. How much their life is affected depends on what type of injury they are facing:

    • Incomplete injury, where the damage does not penetrate the whole spinal cord, still allows some signals to travel back and forth between the brain and the parts of the body underneath the wound. Though some function and sensation may be lost, patients may retain some abilities—and those in this situation are more likely to regain function because there is still a pathway to every part of the body.
    • Complete injury means the entire thickness of the spinal cord is damaged. This cuts off all communication between the brain and any body parts below the wound. Patients with this type of injury are much less likely to regain major functional control.
  • Types of Paralysis

    Whether an injury is complete or incomplete is not the only factor that plays into patient outcomes. The location of the injury on the spinal cord also matters. No matter how severe, spinal cord damage will not impact the functioning of nerve cells above the wound. However, anything below the damage—including organs that receive subconscious signals from our brain—may be cut off from communicating with it. For the body parts and limbs below the injury, here is how paralysis is classified.

    • Monoplegia: loss of function/sensation in one limb only
    • Hemiplegia: affects both limbs on one side of the body
    • Diplegia: affects the same body part on both sides
    • Paraplegia: paralysis of both legs and sometimes part of the trunk
    • Quadriplegia/Tetraplegia: paralysis of all four limbs and most of the trunk; in some cases, the condition can affect everything below the neck

    Any type of paralysis will increase a patient’s medical needs and is also likely to affect their working and living situations. Daily personal assistance and accommodations can help those with paralysis maintain access to some activities and interests they held before the accident. These are two more expenses a responsible party should pay for—and ones we will ask them to acknowledge in our claim.

Our Impressive Track Record We Win...A Lot!

In the last 14 years, Shoop & team's impressive track record includes hundreds of Product Liability cases resulting in verdicts or settlements exceeding $1 million. For a Product Liability team with an exemplary track record, clients choose Shoop.

Call Our Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys for Help

We have over 35 years of collective experience fighting for catastrophic injury victims in Los Angeles, and in that time, we’ve honed our skills in confronting and negotiating with big companies and their insurers. They know these cases are expensive and don’t want to pay, regardless of what you deserve. When we work with a client, our team does everything we can to help them recover maximum compensation.

Personal injury cases are about your future and about accountability for those who took negligent actions. For many companies, the only language they’ll understand is money, which we’re happy to ask for on your behalf. When your life has been forever changed by an accident, you deserve to know you have financial security as you face your new future. Ask us how we can help you start your spinal cord injury claim today.

The team at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation has recovered over $550 million for accident victims. Call us at (866) 884-1717 or send a message to schedule your free consultation.

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