Defective Tires

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Do You Need a Lawyer After a Defective Tires Accident?

Defective Tires Are Highly Dangerous. We May Be Able to Help You Pursue Compensation.

We count on tires to hold together and function while we are on the road. Ever since the Ford-Firestone tire fiasco in 2000 and 2001, we know this does not always occur. Over 270 deaths and 800 injuries occurred due to tires separating while in motion. Bridgestone/Firestone ended up recalling more than 7 million tires. Over the past 20 years, different tires from different brands have demonstrated similar tread separation. Tires can fall apart due to design defects or manufacturing defects, but no matter the cause, the danger is the same.

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Common Causes of Tread Separation

The more you understand about the makeup of a tire, the easier you will find it to identify defective tires and pinpoint their role in your accident.

Tires are built in the five layers:

  1. Carcass, or green tire
  2. Skim tire
  3. Steel belts
  4. Second skim tire
  5. Treads

Since tires are made by hand, workers are responsible for affirming that each tire has been made correctly and is safe for road use. If dirt and moisture are not cleaned off tire surfaces after each step, the layers may not adhere correctly. In other cases, a company may use old skim stock to make tires; as the rubber deteriorates over time, tire separation becomes more likely.

In addition to the above manufacturing defects, tires may also suffer from design defects. State-of-the-art tires include a nylon overlay between the steel belts and the tread. This overlay seals the inner tire and prevents separation. Despite its proven safety value, this feature increases manufacturing costs and is therefore normally left out unless you’re buying a high-performance tire.

Call for a Free Consultation if You’ve Been in an Accident

At Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation, we aggressively represent the victims of defective tire accidents. When a client comes to us with a new case, we bring in consultants to examine their tires for defects in manufacturing or design. Once the flaw has been discovered and fault assigned, we help the client bring suit to recover compensation for medical costs, property damage, income loss, and pain and suffering. We’ve helped clients recover 7- and 8-figure payouts after going through accidents caused by careless manufacturing.

We know that suffering an injury or losing a loved one in an accident caused by a defective tire can be devastating. If this plight has affected you or a family member, you deserve compensation to help you through the hardship. You are not on your own. Ask our team to help you in the fight for justice.

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