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We all expect the airbags in our cars will protect us in case of an accident, deploying at the moment of impact to cushion us from the worst of the force. We also expect they will not deploy unless we are in a dangerous collision. However, these safety devices do not always live up to these promises.

Airbag defects are unfortunately far too common. In fact, one of the biggest airbag manufacturers in the industry published extensive product recalls after discovering deadly flaws in devices that made it out on the road. Faulty airbags can make collisions more dangerous for all passengers. They may even result in devastating injuries for those who haven't even been in an accident.

With our years of experience and insight, we are more than equipped to assist with your airbag injury case. Our compassionate attorneys can carefully review your claim, determine the cause of the defect, and fight for the compensation you deserve.

If you have suffered an injury like this, do not hesitate to contact one of our Los Angeles defective airbag lawyers right away.

Dangers of Malfunctioning Airbags

While product manufacturers guarantee their goods are safe, their claims are contradicted by the many recalls they are forced to publish. With the number of airbag errors that have come to light recently, manufacturers, vehicle inspectors, and car dealerships should be more concerned with ensuring every aspect of an automobile is functioning correctly.

Airbags have been known to malfunction in the following ways:

  • Airbag deploys when there is no accident: This can startle the driver, obscure their vision, and cause an accident.
  • Airbag deploys too soon: This can jar the driver and cause them to lose control of the vehicle during a crucial moment.
  • Airbag fails to deploy: Faulty wiring can arrest an airbag’s operation when an accident occurs. This leaves the driver with only the seat belt for protection. They may hurtle into the steering wheel and dashboard, sustaining serious injury.
  • Airbag may explode when deployed: Defective inflators may fail to shut off in time, causing airbags to burst and send shrapnel flying.
  • Airbag injures shorter people: The airbag is designed for people between 5'8" and 5'10" in height. Head and face injuries are common among shorter passengers.

If you have been injured by any of the above-mentioned defects, reach out to our firm right away to learn about your legal options. Even if you are unsure whether an airbag defect contributed to your injuries, we can analyze your case and advise you on what course of action you should take.

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We aggressively represent clients who have been injured by malfunctioning airbags. When we take on a case, we interview the client for a full account of the accident and launch our own investigation. We then call in airbag experts to analyze what went wrong and who was responsible. The experts can also spot airbag tampering to determine if third-party mechanics might be liable. Regardless of the details, you can rest assured our team will do everything in our power to help you receive the fair compensation you deserve after a life-changing injury.

Our reputation for tenacious advocacy in the courtroom motivates many manufacturers to agree to a fair settlement. For those who will not be reasonable, our team is always ready to go to court on your behalf.

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