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Breach of Warranty

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Breach of Warranty

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Where a person buys a product, a seller usually makes certain promises as to the usefulness, value and safety of the product. Some promises are express and some implied. Where the promise is broken, the buyer has a claim for damages.

There is no requirement that the buyer prove that the seller was negligent. Where an individual buys a product that does not do the job it was supposed to do or it causes injury, he is urged to contact a breach of warranty lawyer to seek compensation.

Express Warranty

Express warranty arises in several ways. First, the printed material that comes with the product plainly states that the product can do such and such. Second, seller may explain the product to the customer stating that the product can do a certain action. Third, the promotion of the product may show the product performing a function.

Implied Warranty of Merchantability

Certain warranties are implied by law even though the seller never came out promised a certain thing. There are certain basic requirements of merchantability. The product must meet certain minimum performance standards claimed for the product by the seller. If a manufacturer says a car drive nicely on highways, it implied that the car can reach 60 mph. There are also implied safety warranties. The seller of the car also implies the car will not blow up.

Skilled Legal Representation

Attorney David Shoop represents clients seeking compensation for breach of warranties. When clients contact Attorney Shoop, he learns the history of the sale and all the promotion and warranties that went with it.

When necessary he will have an expert to examine the product to discover what went wrong with it. He then brings action against the manufacturer and other defendants liable for the breach of warranty.

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He is available to represent buyers of buyers of all manner of products including defective automobiles, non-functioning industrial equipment and faulty farm machinery.

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