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Design Defects

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Design Defects in Products

Years ago there was a famous design defect that hit the news. The ubiquitous Ford economy car, the Pinto, had been blowing up in rear end collisions. Why? The gas line ran very close the rear of the car and was punctured when the car was hit from behind. Design defects are not limited to defective automobiles.

A while back there was a controversy over toys with toxic paint. In the medical industry there has been concern over the safety of medical devices such as breast implants and shoulder pain pumps. If you have been hurt by a defectively-designed product, a Los Angeles product liability lawyer can assist you in obtaining compensation.

Design Defects

A design defect occurs when the product is produced with an unreasonably dangerous design. When a person is actually hurt by the product he has a claim for injuries. Some products have to be designed to be dangerous though. For instance of what good is an electric saw if it cannot cut? The question becomes whether it is unreasonably dangerous.

If the company failed to put a safety guard on the saw, it might then be called unreasonably dangerous. When prosecuting a law suit, the products liability attorney will examine the design of the saw and compare it others in the industry. If the defendant's saw lacks safety features which other manufacturers carry, there are grounds to consider the saw defectively designed.

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At Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation we energetically prosecute claims for design defects on behalf of our clients. We have experts who examine the product to determine whether it was defectively designed and then testify at trial on our behalf. We bring in evidence of other products in the industry that are designed more safely to make our point.

We are accomplished in the area with many large awards for our clients. We urge you to contact the firm for a consultation.

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