Who May Be Responsible for a Wrongful Death?

Who May Be Responsible for a Wrongful Death?

We already know that there are a number of potential causes of accidents that result in a wrongful death. However, it’s important to understand that the circumstances of the situation can also help you determine who can be held responsible for the wrongful death.

This is important when taking legal action to pursue compensation as the person responsible would be the defendant of the matter. The responsible party is dependent on the circumstances that led to the accident, which can widely vary.

Before you determine who can be held responsible, speaking with a lawyer can be helpful as he or she can look at the circumstances and all evidence involved to determine the responsible party(ies) and guide you through the legal process.

The Different Circumstances In Determining Liability

Here are some of the parties who may be responsible and the circumstances that may have led to the wrongful death:

  • A driver: In a car accident, the most often cause of the crash is one driver’s negligence. This can include drunk driving, distracted driving, and more. Should the driver be guilty of any of these actions that led to a crash, they may also be considered responsible for any subsequent fatal injuries that follow.
  • A manufacturer: In product liability matters, if a product defect causes a wrongful death, it could be the manufacturer who is found responsible. This can occur due to manufacturer error, design error, or failure to warn.
  • A medical professional: Far too often, those we trust with our healthcare are the ones responsible for serious harm. When surgical errors, medication errors, or other forms of malpractice are the cause of wrongful death, the medical professional or even the medical facility may face liability for the damages.

Determining liability and who can be held accountable for a wrongful death is one of the most important steps of the claims-filing process. The family needs to know who they’re taking action against—it plays a big part in obtaining justice and getting closure in the matter.

Our Los Angeles wrongful death lawyers at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation are here to help you determine your next steps. When this means determining liability to pursue legal action, we do whatever we can to help you gather the necessary evidence, determine the at-fault party, and pursue compensation on your behalf.

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