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Can a Product Defect Be Fatal?

Products that we use or buy should be safe. After all, many of them are marketed that way, and often without any warning of the potential dangers. However, there are certain issues that can arise with a wide array of products that could cause not only serious injuries but death.

Product defects can come in a number of forms, and it’s important to recognize the seriousness of these potential issues. In some cases, product defects can in fact be fatal, and the family of the deceased can hold manufacturers accountable for their oversight and lack of safety for consumers.

Automobile Defects

When most car accidents occur, it is easy for those involved to point at the other driver when discussing fault. However, there are some situations in which neither driver was truly responsible, and the accident was caused by a problem with a product on the vehicle.

For instance, if brakes do not work as they should, tires are defective, seat belts fail, or even in situations where an airbag improperly deploys, these can be considered product defects. Should these issues cause a fatal injury, the manufacturer of the vehicle part is to be blamed.

Defective Medical Devices

Many medical devices are marketed to help aid in recovery, improve health, or improve the overall quality of life. However, if they don’t work as they should, they can have the complete opposite effect, causing significant harm or even death.

Defective medical devices can cause infections, problems with blood clotting, and more. In some cases, the medical device may not work as it should, allowing a health problem to persist, which can cause a wrongful death when the patient thinks that they’ve been treated.

Our Los Angeles wrongful death lawyers are committed to you and your family during this difficult time. Losing a loved one because of a product defect should not be tolerated, and you should recognize what rights you have to hold manufacturers accountable.

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