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How Can a Child’s Toy Be Defective?

While you’d love to think that all items are completely safe and free from dangers—especially a child’s toy—it’s imperative to recognize the various dangers that can arise in certain situations. Children’s toys are no exception when manufacturers are negligent in the design or production of certain items.

Understanding the major problems when it comes to defective children’s toys can help you recognize a potential problem before it causes serious harm and take action should your child suffer an injury. Here are some of the common problems with children’s toys that can cause harm.

Dangerous Materials Used in Production

There are certain materials that can cause a significant risk to children such as certain metals that may chip away or lead paint. When a child is exposed to specific materials, it causes significant illnesses and other serious medical conditions.

A dangerous material being used is something that can be traced back to the design phase of the product. The manufacturer chooses the material to be used before production and if it can be shown the manufacturer is aware of the dangers of the material, they may be held accountable for the harm caused.

Loose Parts

During the manufacturing and testing phases, it’s imperative to ensure the child’s toy is manufactured properly and there are no problems that can arise later. One of the biggest problems is a piece of the toy coming loose and disconnecting from the rest of the toy.

While this may not seem like a significant danger, smaller parts become a choking hazard for young children and can become lodged in their throats. This can cause asphyxiation, resulting in serious and long-term injuries or even a wrongful death.

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