How Do Cochlear Implants Cause Harm?

Cochlear implants are supposed to help those who have severe hearing deficiencies or complete hearing loss. They are surgically placed on the user with the internal component right beneath the temporal bone and the external component connected to it via powerful magnets.

However, what was once considered a way to stimulate auditory nerves has encountered serious problems in which the implant slowly stopped working until finally, the implant would shut down completely.

When these defects occur, they can cause serious problems for the user that requires additional procedures to correct the issue. This can cause the user serious harm for a number of reasons.

Emotional Impact

Individuals who receive Cochlear implants are already dealing with the inability to hear, making the implant a truly important piece of equipment for them. However, when it fails completely, it can cause some emotional trauma with the individual no longer being able to hear.

The Need for More Surgery

The only way to place the Cochlear implant is through surgical means, which comes with its own side effects and need for healing time. However, when the device fails, there is a need for revision surgery to remove the defective device and place a new one.

This means the patient has to go through an unnecessary procedure that could have been avoided if everything worked as it should have. Unfortunately, these surgeries can cause serious harm and the user may experience significant damage or loss as a result.

If you’ve been harmed because of a defective Cochlear implant, we encourage you to take the legal action you need to pursue justice and compensation. Our defective product lawyers take on countless Cochlear implant lawsuits, so we know how to navigate these matters properly.

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