What are the Side Effects Associated with Cochlear Implants?

Like many medical devices over time, there have been problems associated with Cochlear implants which are designed to be surgically implanted on the patient and help stimulate the auditory nerves directly, projecting sound for those who have severe hearing loss.

Unfortunately, these defects have resulted in individuals suffering significant losses, including some suffering harm as part of the corrective needs. Cochlear implants can have serious side effects—from the defect itself and from the revision surgery.

Harm Caused By the Defect

Many individuals have come forth with claims that the Cochlear implant slowly stops working and at some point, it shuts down completely and the user no longer has the ability to hear. Not only can this cause emotional trauma, but it can require revision surgery.

The revision surgery may include removing the old and defective device and replacing it with a new one which requires weeks of recovery time. Surgery itself also comes with potential side effects because of the surgery occurring at the temporal bone.

Harm Caused By the Revision Surgery

Surgery is typically performed with general anesthesia, which presents the risk of allergic reactions. However, the United States Food and Drug Administration details specific risks that are presented by the surgery, including the following:

  • Injuries to the nerves in your face
  • The possibility of infection
  • Dizziness or numbness
  • The development of tinnitus
  • Change in taste

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