Who Can I Sue for a Defective Cochlear Implant?

Have you experienced a defective Cochlear implant? Are you unsure of what comes next or what legal options you have to move forward? You’re not alone. There are countless individuals who have suffered from defective Cochlear implants, but knowing who you may take legal action against can give you peace of mind moving forward.

While most people assume that it is solely the manufacturer who can be held accountable, this is not always the case and specific circumstances may include other parties who could be considered negligent for their actions.

The Manufacturer

Obviously, the most common responsible party is the manufacturer of the defective product. Cochlear implants in particular now have a history of shutting down completely, no longer working nor allowing the wearer to hear anything—which is the whole purpose of the device.

The Doctor or Supplier

While not always the case, should a doctor or supplier be aware of the defect, they should refrain from performing the surgery to implant the device on the patient. They should take the steps to avoid putting the patient at risk of damages.

Proving that the doctor or supplier knew of the risks can be difficult, but they may be held accountable if they ignore the potential dangers associated with a defective product.

The Hospital or Facility

When the surgery is performed with knowledge of the defect by the facility, the hospital can also be partly liable for damages sustained. If they were unaware of the defect, it may be different, but those who recognize the dangers must prevent patients from experiencing any harm.

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