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Injured in an Explosion?

An explosion can cause catastrophic injury including severe burns and disfigurement. Explosions can occur at oil refineries, chemical laboratories or at any business or home where natural gas is piped or a boiler is used for heating. If you or a loved one has been harmed in an explosion, you are urged to contact an industrial machinery accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

Kinds of Explosions

You may have suffered from any of the following explosions:

  • Natural Gas Explosions: Natural gas heats most homes and fuels most stoves. It has to be channeled to each home through a path of underground pipes. If low-grade piping is used or if there is shoddy workmanship in the installation an explosion may be the result.
  • Oil Explosions: Oil of course is quite flammable. At oil refineries if refining units are overfilled with oil-based liquids, on heating an explosion may result. At any place where oil or gas is stored, a fire nearby may touch off an explosion.
  • Chemical Explosions: Science laboratories use all manner of explosive chemicals. Improper storage or use may set off an explosion.
  • Boiler Explosions: A defective or poorly maintained boiler may explode causing extensive property damage and injury.

Dedicated Legal Team

Attorney David Shoop has the knowledge, experience and resources to successfully prosecute explosion claims. He investigates the explosion to isolate the cause and maintains legal action against the responsible parties.

His purpose is that his clients will be able to get the surgery and other care they need to recover from burns and disfigurement and have all the compensation needed to pull their lives together and get a fresh start.

If you or a loved one have suffered injury or even death due to an explosion, you need our experienced machinery accident team on your side. Contact Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation today.

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