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Injured in a Car Accident?

Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

As our roads have become more congested with each year so have car accidents increased with approximately 6.5 million accidents per year. Injuries to those involved number at approximately three million.

Most often the accident is found to be caused by one driver who was negligent in operating his or her vehicle. Car accident injuries are very often severe especially when speeding or drunk driving was involved. If you have been injured in a car accident or lost a loved one talk with a personal injury attorney.


Car accidents aren’t only caused by negligent drivers—sometimes they can occur as a result of poor highway design or other defects caused by lack of maintenance. An unsafe highway ramp, a missing traffic sign, an inadequate shoulder, a lack of a stoplight and an unmarked road dip can create dangerous conditions that may cause a crash. If you do crash because of a road defect, who can be held liable?

Most roads and freeways in Los Angeles and California are public property and are maintained by the government. If a roadway design defect or poor upkeep causes or contributes to your car accident, you may bring a claim against the government; depending on the location of the crash, this can be the county, state, or even the federal government. You may also be able to hold designers or contractors and their respective employers accountable for defective and hazardous roadways.

It’s also important to note that suing a governmental entity under the California Tort Claims Act (CTCA) requires that a person file a claim within 180 days, or 6 months, from the date of their injury. This statute of limitations is vastly shorter than that for personal injury claims, so you must be quick to act.

Have you been involved in an accident?

Driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol and being distracted accounts for the majority of accidents. Failure to be fully focused on the road and what other drivers and pedestrians are doing can result in serious, catastrophic or fatal injuries.

An experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney investigates the circumstances of an accident to determine not only the primary cause but other contributing causes. For example, poor road conditions may have significantly contributed to a driver losing control and colliding with your vehicle.

This may mean that the local or state government may also be held liable for some of your damages. If your vehicle or the other vehicle had a defect which contributed to the accident the car manufacturer may be held liable. Once another party's negligence has been proven you may be compensated for your pain and suffering, loss of income, medical expenses, future medical expenses, emotional pain, and more.

Catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and damage to internal organs cause permanent damage to the innocent victim. With a skilled personal injury lawyer at the firm protecting your interests you can focus on your health and recovery and leave the legal matters to those who will aggressively fight for your right to fair compensation.

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