Truck Accidents

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Truck Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries, so You Need Serious Representation

Driving for up as many as 11 hours a day, long-haul truckers are in a position where even a brief loss of attention could cause a catastrophe. Truck driving is one of the most dangerous jobs: in 2018, the last year for which full statistics are available, 885 drivers died in crashes. However, that number is far for truckers than the ones they hit. Deaths among drivers, passengers, and pedestrians totaled 4,066 over the same period. Other victims suffer catastrophic injuries that leave them unable to attend work during a long period of recovery and rehabilitation.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, then you may be in serious need of full and fair compensation to help you meet your medical expenses, cover for lost time at work, and more.

Why Choose Our Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyers?

  • We bring over 35 years of collective experience to every case
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  • We have received honors such as inclusion in Super Lawyers®
  • We work on a contingency basis: No recovery, no fee

At Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation, our Los Angeles truck accident attorneys have the extensive trial experience and dedication to help you seek the just results you deserve. Don't hesitate to find out what your case could be worth.

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Truck Accident Lawsuits May Be Complex

An accident with an 18-wheeler cannot be handled in the same manner as you would address a car accident. Because semis are driven for hire, they must carry some form of commercial insurance. The first step in filing a claim is figuring out who should be held liable.

You may be able to file a truck accident claim against:

  • a fatigued, reckless, or intoxicated trucker,
  • a trucking company that cut corners in inspections or over-loaded a truck, and/or
  • a manufacturing company that produced a faulty truck part.

Often, the insurance companies of the above parties will try to toss blame to the others because they don’t want to be stuck with the bill. They will also do all they can to prove you don’t deserve a large settlement. We advise you not to talk with any insurer but your own until you’ve contacted a lawyer to help you with negotiations.

Truck Accidents Are Serious:

  • A truck can travel up to 40% further than a passenger vehicle when trying to stop
  • About 23% of all truck accidents result in injuries
  • In 2018, 150,000 people were injured in truck accidents
  • In 2017, 13 of every million people in the U.S. were involved in a fatal truck crash
  • For every 100 million miles traveled by trucks there are 1.13 fatalities.

A knowledgeable truck accident lawyer can skillfully represent your interests after a bad accident. At Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation, our Los Angeles attorneys have the resources, insights, and award-winning advocacy to help you pursue justice.

Proven Experience in Truck Accident Cases

Not all attorneys are equal. When you’re arguing a complex case against corporate interests, you need a trial-tested firm on your side. The more previous truck accident cases an attorney has tried, the more their experience will bring to your case.

After handling countless truck accident lawsuits and claims, our team at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation understands the process of helping injured clients seek fair compensation for their injuries and losses. No matter whether you are facing a negligent driver, employer, manufacturer, or maintenance company, we can provide the guidance you need during this vital time.

Our years of experience and many courtroom successes have also resulted in a wide network of consultants from related fields whose testimony can support your case. You may need:

  • Medical professionals to testify on future care needs
  • Accident reconstruction experts to prove why a certain party should be held liable
  • Engineers to reproduce faulty parts or repairs that prove the truck as defective

Aggressive Representation for Those Injured in Truck Accidents

Insurance companies representing trucking companies are often quick to begin their own investigations and want to protect their clients from blame, so they do not have to pay a settlement. Understanding the various tricks and tactics used by insurance representatives is an important part of protecting your best interests. At the end of the day, an insurer isn’t there to help injured people, they are there to help themselves.

With the injuries often sustained by truck accident victims, insurance companies’ selfishness can be devastating. Drivers, passengers, and pedestrians involved in truck accidents may sustain catastrophic injuries including:

With a proven roadmap for pursuing truck accident claims, our team has the knowledge and tools to successfully represent clients and their family members against large corporations and insurers.

We Are on Your Side

The high truck traffic that exists across the state of California and throughout the Los Angeles region makes it vital for truck companies and employees to follow all standards and regulations. When they cut corners, others are likely to suffer severe injuries.

Our attorneys have the resources to hold negligent drivers and companies liable for a bad truck accident. Call our firm at (866) 884-1717 or reach out online to schedule your free consultation.

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