What Are the Different Types of Product Liability Claims?

These days, Americans have ready access to many more products than ever before. Globalization, new technology, and improved manufacturing techniques have given us the ability to purchase nearly anything we want.

In the race to market, some manufacturers unfortunately choose to prioritize profits over safety. When that happens, dangerous products can cause serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries to those who use them. There are countless types of product liability claims, but they all generally fall into one of three categories.

Products with Manufacturing Defects

When most people hear the term “defective product,” they think of products with a manufacturing defect. This refers to a product which experienced some sort of flaw in the manufacturing process, thus resulting in an item which is inconsistent with the rest of the batch. For example, if a child’s toy was constructed with a rusty or cracked bolt, pieces could eventually break off and become a choking hazard. In the pharmaceutical world, a tainted batch of a medication could be considered a manufacturing defect.

Products with Design Defects

In contrast to products which experienced defects in the manufacturing process, other products are flawed from the beginning. One noteworthy example of this is the Reliant Robin, an English three-wheeled car which was built in the mid-1970s. The imbalanced three-wheel design caused the car to flip over during even low-speed turns; while there are a number of amusing videos demonstrating this, including an episode of “Top Gear,” it is obviously an extremely dangerous design. Medication is particularly susceptible to design defects, as poorly engineered medicines can result in serious side effects that don’t show up for years after starting the drug.

Products with Inadequate Instructions or Warnings

While many a comedian has poked fun at seemingly obvious warning labels, or over-explanatory instructions, these are necessary to ensure that a product is being used safely. For example, a cleaning product may irritate the skin; if the manufacturer does not warn the user of this danger, they may use the product without gloves and suffer serious injury as a result.

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