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The Symptoms of the Most Serious Burns

The Symptoms of the Most Serious Burns

The most common severe type of burn injury is a third-degree burn. Some fourth-degree burns may be considered life-threatening, but the most common are typically third-degree burns that cause long-term damage that may require treatment.

Injured individuals should understand the symptoms associated with these types of burns and the potential treatment options available. When these injuries are caused by negligence, there may be potential for legal action.

What Signs May You Experience?

Third-degree burns are considered full thickness, which means it damages the upper lawyer of skin and the layer underneath that. As such, new skin will not grow back and individuals may experience plenty of symptoms.

Some of the symptoms that individuals may experience after a third-degree burn can include the damaged skin appearing dry and leathery. It can also give off a yellow, white, brown, or black discoloration of the impacted area and swelling.

When someone sustains a third-degree burn injury, they may not feel the pain long-term because the burn is bad enough to cause significant nerve damage. As such, it’s important to work quickly to get treatment.

Potential Treatment Options

These severe burns are often treated based on the extent of the burn, the location on the body, and more factors. Cleaning and wrapping is good early on to help prevent infections, but there may be more treatments necessary.

For instance, the individual may need an IV with fluids or antibiotics, pain medications, or eve skin grafting to help close the wound. This is when skin is removed from a healthy area of the body and surgically placed over the burn area.

At Shoop APLC, we understand that when negligence is the cause of serious burn injuries, those who have been harmed may have legal action to pursue compensation to help cover the long-term care of a burn injury.

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